What my clients say

“Lisa listened attentively and stayed energised and focused. I felt truly heard and supported.”

“I came away from our first meeting with excitement and renewed enthusiasm.”
Head Teacher

“Thanks to Lisa, I felt more optimistic and positive that change in my life was possible.”

I felt stuck in my career, and my lack of focus was causing me to procrastinate and lose confidence. Lisa immediately understood my problem and helped me to decide which options to pursue. She was empathetic, clear-sighted and objective throughout. Through working with Lisa, I came up with a synopsis for a new book, which went on to be published. Celia Dodd

journalist and author

Everyone needs a coach if they can get one – especially if they are working in a small business. As an entrepreneur, I found Lisa’s direct and honest coaching style hugely helpful.

Paul Ryan

director, Café Art

Working with Lisa has been so rewarding. She put me at my ease within the first few minutes. She gave her full attention and listened carefully, meaning her input was insightful as well as practical and client-centred. Lisa also injected warmth and humour, which was really helpful. I – and by extension, my organisation – have gained so much from our meetings.

Bela Emerson

Open Strings Music

Lisa helped me to find clarity and make some very important and decisions regarding my life, business and career. I found her questioning style very helpful as it enabled me to really think things through and come to my own decisions. She has a calm and comforting nature, and I would highly recommend her services especially if you are going through a transitional period.

Girls Talk London

CEO and founder

Lisa made me feel that my problems were legitimate, and recognised that I was in a challenging position. This was liberating for me as it made me realise that I wasn’t just imagining the problem – it was a tangible issue which I needed to address and deal with.

Senior manager

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